Sport – and especially football – triggers strong collective emotions. They can positively affect relations between people. Not only those who are supporters themselves, but also those who just associate with fans. And what we want to do is to ignite the power of all these positive football emotions.

How do we see it in practice?
Get to know a few BAD manners of ZŁY, which we bring to life in our stadium.


Both the teams which ZŁY plays with, as well as fans of these clubs ought to feel good in our facilities and being around our supporters. That will be good enough that formidable play of our team(s) spoils their humour a bit – we promise: there will be no other trouble! We will not disparage anybody. At the most we might make some teasing remarks. Besides, we can address them to the opponent and to ourselves alike.
So how does this cheerleading of ZŁY really look like? Well, surely it is a bit chaotic and unpredictable. Sarcastic but never aggressive. Sometimes creative, always extraordinary. We always hold a polite behaviour – no effing and blinding, sorry folks. Despite of that (or maybe thanks to that?) we are appreciated and well heard by players. So come on, do not be silent, join our BAD choir and support in a good way.


In football there are „ours” and „those others”, and one plays „against” the other. Yes, that is how it works… But the same „enemies” constitute an indispensable part of the show. And for this we respect them – yes, you have read it correctly, we RESPECT the rivals!
Though our guests have to submit with our loud – even though full of hospitality – domination in the stadium, they will not feel the atmosphere of hostility, under no circumstances. We want them to feel being part of a good show. And to feel that visiting our sport facilities and competing with our team is just a really cool thing and a cause for celebration for a true fan.


The club is developed according to our social attitude funded on diversity, open-mindedness and tolerance. We invite to the stands everyone who is always eager to cheer his or her favourite team in such a vibe. In Warsaw, the city of colourful traditions, we cannot imagine that during the games the diversity would be put aside. The football stands should be and will be the evidence of diversity and multitude that enrich all of us. The ZŁY club flag has two colours: black & white, but in our community there are more cultures, subcultures and minorities than stars in the sky. And beautiful indeed is the sky full of stars…


The ZŁY matches and our whole club are open to diversity and multiculturalism. Since the first game we do manage to change „conventional” men-women disproportions on the stands. In our team not a gender, nor a religion, nor a colour of the skin, nor a social status is what decides about anything. What has an importance is the rule that the others are not better or worse. They are just different. Thanks to these differences our little stadium and our community are way more interesting. Maybe that is why so many people come to our matches with kids. During the league matches children account for ca. 10% of the cheering fans. Isn’t it wonderful?


Aggression is what we expect only from our men and women team players. And what we mean here is only an aggressive style of play, submitted to the rules of fair play. That’s all. There is no place for aggressive behaviour on our stands, nor for the uncontrolled eruptions of testosterone. We do not understand the hooligan rituals nor we are going to learn them or practice. We are coming from deeply other tradition. Positive fanaticism, in our terms, is cheerful, jolly, surroundings-friendly and non-excluding. BAD fans come to football matches for emotions, so they can even drop out into some kind of a trance. But our madness always excludes violence and hatred.


Discrimination and exclusion of the weaker one are so pitiful. We do not accept it in any reason. For us anti-discrimination is not an empty advertising slogan which looks good on a pennant or on TV.
This is a specific attitude we believe in, and practice on every level of our club identity. We are soaked with it head over heels. As well as fans and members of the Association, also our coaching staff and team players are part of this community and cultivate its values. Tolerance is an absolutely fundamental one for us. That’s why you will not find any sort of exclusion attitudes among us. That is simply out of the question… or you can say, excluded.