Social Responsibility

AKS Zły is a club and a non-profit organization at the same time. All the profits gained during our actions are spent on funding current activities of our football teams. But it is not only financing and developing our teams that we care about. In our club, next to sport goals, we consider working for the benefit of society as an important part of our job. There are many social areas that really bother us. Among them, the togetherness, thinking about relations and supporting local communities wherever our club exists – whether in the nearest surroundings of the stadium that we play our games at, or in the much wider area where the infrastructure and important points are located: the training pitch, the club office, meeting points, events’ locations, bars where we meet after hours, etc. Of course, we are always aware of other problems or events taking place in our beautiful city; we know our current limitations, however.

Still, we take part in many initiatives. Apart from the local ones, we are part of those initiatives which promote ideas of social integration and diversity. Our players, activists, beloved supporters and coaches are the kind of people who are strongly committed to various social projects and urban initiatives. What is more, many of our players are active in actions popularizing good social relations outside the pitch.

In our team, there are people who came to Poland from different parts of the world. They are here because of their jobs, studies, friends and families. Maybe it is not something extraordinary while there are many immigrants in football teams all around the world. But for us it is extremely important to emphasise that we care our team mates feel included and can participate – without fear that they will be treated worse just because they were born in a different country or culture. All of them are members of the team, all of them practice and train on a daily basis, some of them are active members of our organization. Together we work to ensure that our club is a success. We want the model behaviour fitting to our image of players and supporters of AKS ZŁY to become a standard among our group and background. That is why we have created a declaration to be signed by every member joining the teams or our organization.

We are aware of that how many people track our actions. Sometimes because of the pure kindness and sympathy, and sometimes the reason is hope. On the one hand, it is highly motivating, on the other – we realise and feel the duty of being socially responsible. This feeling is probably much stronger than in many other bigger clubs with long history and thousands of supporters.

It is extremely important for us to work with the youngest members of society. We want our supporters from a young age to be aware what kind of values are represented by our club. Our human and financial resources in ZŁY are too small to act very widely. Due to such limitations, we are able to run only those actions we can afford. In the spring and summer of 2016, along with Hocki-Klocki bar (a hangout place next to the Vistula river), we organised free training sessions for children. They took place couple of times a month. During these sessions, parents could talk to AKS ZŁY members and get information about our day-to-day activities. This was one of many projects we took up during our first year as AKS ZŁY – stay tuned as soon we will tell you more about other projects!