The Step Up Equality (SUE)


The Step Up Equality (SUE) Project is a three-year project funded by the European Commission, starting in January 2019 running until December 2021.

The main objective of this proposal is to promote gender equality and challenge gender-based discrimination in grassroots sport across Europe, through the cooperation and the exchange of best practices and expertise between different sports. Ultimately, the basic aim of the project is to push for much-needed towards an equal and more inclusive sport.

The project will target 5 specific objectives:

  1. Strengthen the specific skills of women currently active within grassroots sport organisations to navigate and challenge existing norms and structures and increase their influence and presence as trainers, coaches and managers and their visibility and appropriate coverage in media
  1. Increase awareness and mainstreaming of gender equality in sport, spreading examples of female leadership in sport and reducing gender stereotypes and other barriers that exclude women from leadership roles, producing impact and change from the grassroots level
  1. Promote public sport initiatives and events to increase opportunities for engagement in sport activities of women from disadvantaged groups, promoting an exchange of skills, experiences and inspiration between women in sport
  1. Prepare, test and promote a European system to report gender discrimination in grassroots sport
  1. Increase networking and cooperation between women in coaching and leadership positions from mainstream sports (e.g. football and volleyball) and emerging sports (e.g. roller derby) in Europe.



The Step Up Equality project is co-ordinated by Girls in Sport and brings together the following seven partners from six countries:

  • Girls in Sport (Lead), Sweden
  • Gea Coop Sociale, Italy
  • Women Win, the Netherlands
  • Associazione Nazionale Atlete (Assist), Italy
  • Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Demokracji W Sporcie – Association Democracy in Sport, Poland
  • Discover Football, Germany

Fare Network

The project is an Erasmus+ project funded by the European Commission.