Alternative Sports Club ZŁY is the first democratic sport club in the capital city of Warsaw and one of few such initiatives in the entire history of Polish football and Polish sport. This is a club created by its fans, entirely and directly managed by their association including its supporters, activists, and even sportspeople and coaches – by everyone who wants to participate in the club’s development.

AKS ZŁY was founded in August 2015 in Praga District, Warsaw. After a few months of laying foundations – that is, organising our people and ideas and recruiting the players – in May 2016 both male and female team were registered in Polish Football Association. Apparently, in the meantime a lot of meetings, events and gigs took place, a lot of ideas emerged, a lot work was done. If you want to learn more about this period go to CLUB HISTORY.

AKS ZŁY is the property of the people who form it. It is of great importance for us, since it is the cornerstone of our initiative’s approach. We are all members of an open association created exactly for this purpose. Therefore, our club is managed by its fans, players, coaches and other people supporting the club in one way or another. A network of cooperating sections, workgroups and project groups are responsible for our everyday work – all of which is done voluntarily in our leisure time. Some people are in charge of teams and formal aspects of the club, others take care of our website and SOCIAL NETWORK PROFILE. Some of us organise concerts and workshops, some others acquire funds. All aspects of our work are coordinated during association meetings. Decisions that are crucial for our club are made during general meetings. Each person has one vote. Minor things are decided in sections and project groups.

The aim of our association is to develop a multisectional sports club over the years while maintaining our democratic structure. We are starting with football – the most popular sport in our beautiful country. However, our initiative can encompass more sports in the future. Democracy in action will prove itself where it is required and will enable the association to maintain control over the club.

Right now two football teams – a male one and a female one – are active. In August 2016 they joined the last tiers in the professional ladder of Polish Football Association, starting from the lowest ranks in Women’s 5th League (IV Liga Kobiet) and in Men’s 8th League (Klasa B) respectively. You can learn about our sportswomen and sportsmen here: Women’s | Men’s.

AKS ZŁY is not just a sport. It is also an urban social initiative which aims to support local citizens.  Our club is not focused on making profit. It remains an ambitious project: we plan a professional and responsible cooperation both with professional sportspeople and local teenagers and children. We expect successes in the field of sport and self-development of the participants as well. We perceive sport not only as sport but also as an educational tool. To learn more about our role in this aspect read SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY chapter.

We invite everybody to join our peculiar club where each person can have real influence on its structure, vibe and development. Contact us and join us.

We invite every person in favour of our democratic-sport philosophy which is based on openness and diversity. We invite people who cannot find their place in the utterly commercialized sport.

Read HOW TO PARTICIPATE in ZŁY and how to support us.