Women’s Team Summary

Women Team’s First Round Summary

After describing the adventures of the male team, now it’s time to present the results of the ladies squad. Both teams constitute the Alternative Sports Club ZŁY, the first fan-owned and equal-rights football initiative in Poland and this part of the world.

(ladies_1) 1:3 (a).

The historical first season for the female part of Alternative Sports Club ZŁY Warsaw in the lowest women league – IV Liga Kobiet (5th tier) – began on 3rd September 2016 with the away match in the town of Rembertów against Warsaw Footballl Academy (WAP). The start was actually a false start for us, as the match ended up with the 1:3 defeat. The girls from the WAP academy were making better appearance than our players; they were all over the place, very coordinated as well as rushing all over the spot. We could see during the match that it was the first time when there was so much at stake. The only goal for “the Bad Girls” (Złe Dziewczyny) was scored by prolific scorer Paulina Lezak.

(ladies_2) 2:5 (h).

So the debut was a false start, and the second time was no better. Our ladies played once again in Rembertów (formally as a hosts, but clearly it was an away match for us), and once again were defeated, even more clearly this time. The team Orleta Baboszewa won 5:2 and this match had its own particular characteristics. Although it was 11th September, it was as hot as In the full summer, and playing at 11 AM meant that the pace was dictated by the full sunlight when the heat reached the critical point. Especially our team played like in the slow-motion mode. Five goals lost was a real blow for our team and all the fans, however, such things happen in all sports. It also happens that such a moment signals an important turning-point. That was the case of ladies from AKS.

(ladies_3) 3:3 (a)

After that second defeat The Bad Girls went to distant city of Łochów, just outside of the Mazovia region. That was the match where the AKS ladies showed their character and played till the last minute, even though they were losing by one goal for so long. In the 84th minute (and ladies normally play 2 x 40 min) Anna Szulecka provided one point, the first in the league, which heralded a great comeback of the whole team. Indeed, there is no better thing than rescuing the result in the additional time. That was a hilarious and groundbreaking 3:3 draw.

(ladies_4) 4:1 (h)

(ladies_5) 4:1 (a)

(ladies_6) 4:1 (h)

Another three games brought forth a stunning full set of 9 points in a row, with an end result 4:1 each time. We virtually made a clean sweep against FUKS Pułtusk, LKS Mszczonowianka and Warsaw Football Academy (WAP) once again, and all of them were already on the ground after the final whistle. The match with latter team was yet the first from the set of rematches. And man must admit that The Bad Girls approached to the game wisely and very ambitiously. They stroke back to the WAP Ladies with one goal scored more, comparing to the first round defeat. Lucky for our players was the stadium at Kawęczyńska street; it was the first time when they played at our home ground and began the winning stroke immediately, and FUKS and WAP were the first victims of our lust for wins. Several hundreds – men and women, kids and elders, including whole families – came to the grounds to see our ladies in action, and their matches were virtually, as it were for the fans, a continuation of the men’s matches, taking place earlier at the same day. The already mentioned rematch against WAP Ladies is an event particularly worth mentioning; it took place during the incredible Vietnamese Day (called Small Saigon in the Shmoolki District, Warsaw) full of cultural and culinary events, fans of our team and away team supporters, including mothers with kids. The three0match winning series with a balance sheet of 12 goals scored and only 3 lost, was really impressive. The team spirit, coined in the bad results and such a difficult beginning of the round, was every time more visible and it should translate into good results on the pitch. It was clear for us that the ladies will go to Baboszewo (for a rematch against their Orlęta team) ready to take their revenge for the 2:5 in the first round.

(ladies_7) 1:2 (a)

Indeed, in Baboszewo our Bad Girls were already not diverging from the leaders as on the first occasion. The game was close-fought, although yet in the 10th minute our AKS ladies lost the first goal. Suddenly, just before the half time, the sure-fire Sylwia Dzida made it a draw 1:1. Unfortunately, this time also Orlęta were the stronger team and they won the second match against us after the decisive goal in the last part of the game. This time it was only a one-goal difference.

(ladies_8) 8:0 (h)

On 22th October the ladies from Łochów came to Warsaw to play against the irritated giant. After the first match they could have hoped that the rematch will run very much along their expectations. But they surely had not expected that at the Don Pedro Arena for all the visiting teams It was going to be much more of a tough encounter. The Łochów players received 8 goals that evening and surely were in a very funky mood while on their way home. The record-breaking result was to the merit of, among others, Paulina Lezak who scored her first hat-trick in the ZŁY shirts.

(ladies_9) 1:0 (a)

In the next and actually next-to-last match of the round The Bad Girls were on their away match in the city of Pułtusk. They managed to make a modest victory against FUKS ladies, with an only goal, worth three points for us, scored by Paulina Lezak. This 1:0 result we could name as a tactical step before the last match against the Mszczonowianka ladies who could be lulled a little bit by such a modest result. However, they should take as a benchmark our last HOME match at Kawęczyńska street, no the away one…

(ladies_10) 10:0 (h)

The final match of the first round was being played in the colours of autumn and, oh yes, ugly and rainy weather. The 5th of November was a really cold day, but you could see that on the pitch. Even though it was no a double ZŁY match (men team, and then ladies) because The Bad Boys had already finished their first round. So, the match had a clearly feminine character. Our club organized a big “Kobiety na stadiony!” action (”Women to the grounds!”), massage day, silk-screen printing workshops… With all these small but nice events we managed to attract a heck lot of supporters, especially women fans who made a bulk of the crowd that day. In front of such a crowded grounds the ladies from ZŁY surely wanted to create a memorable impression and once again made a crazy cannonade. The match was a little bit like an offensive play’s training session. In the great vibe of singing fans The Bad Girls won 10:0! Sylwia Dzida scored her hat-trick and thanks to that she became the best league goal scorer in our team, overtaking Paulina The Playmaker. Our ladies made a cosmic performance that evening and they fully controlled the course of events.

(19 points, 37–15, 2th place)

In the stats you can clearly see that Don Pedro Arena is the place where our ladies play much better than during away matches. In 5 home matches (or 4, keeping in mind that one home match was actually the away one, played outside the city in Rembertów) they won 4 times. The balance sheet of away matches is a bit worse: the AKS ladies won twice, lost twice and drew once. So, the team still have some work to do in improving the away performances. It is worth mentioning that in the Kawęczyńska stadium the ladies score very frequently: as many as 26 goals out of 37 were scored at home.

After the first round Sylwia Dzida is the best goal scorer (9), behind her is Paulina Lezak (8) and then we have Maria Zdunek and Joanna Radzieda (4 each). What can impress is that as much as 12 players from ZŁY were on the scoring sheet during the first round. Impressive team playing!

The ladies of AKS Zły lost 15 goals in 10 matches (11 goals in the first three games) and they had a clean sheet three times.

The Bad Girls are also at the top of the fair play table, so they are not as bad as seems from the their nickname. The received only 5 yellow cards without any red.

To sum up, it is very clear that the ladies were gathering pace in course of the whole round. The first three matches were like a joining fee, you must pay for entering the world of football pro. But these two losses and one draw gave our coach a very clear picture of where exactly we were and what should she bring about to collect some league points. Since the fourth game the ladies were improving their performances and it is no coincidence that the biggest victory was achieved in the last match.

We are looking very, very hopefully for the performances in the second round. It brings the possibility of gaining promotion within reach.