Our projects

AKS Zły is not only about football. It is about values we believe in and spread among our fans. This is also a number of events that promote our way of understanding football and our life in general.


Open workout for kids

workout for kidsWhen warmer day has come we commenced to spread the Bad Word on the beautiful banks of Vistula river. Together with coffe-club Hocki-Klocki, our project partner, we have created a series of sport events for children. We started 22nd of May, 2016. Every second Sunday of the month we invited the youngest fans of the football together with their parents and babysitters to take part in workout under the aegis of the AKS Zły. We provided equipment and the licensed instructor who is engaged in training youngsters and teenagers professionally on the daily basis. On 5th June, 2016, as a part of this series, we organised Children’s Day. The workouts were successful and we are convinced that some future players of AKS Zły took part in this event.


Our beer: ZŁE Piwobeer_mockup1

We thought that a good beer accompanying a football match was not a bad idea. Actually, should be bad – our own BAD BEER. Consumed in a moderation and in a good company. As we thought we did. In February 2016 together with Filip Merynos brewery we commenced a production of AIPA beer. The drink, where caramalt with Pilzen, Munich and wheat malts were mixed, stormed Warsaw’s pubs.
It gained recognition and every 1 zloty from the sold bottles supported our club cashbox and trainings of our players. The beer was quickly sold out, so we started working on its new incarnation. At last, in June 2016, together with Faktoria brewery, we created Benefit Sunny Wheat. The ideal beer for a summertime! The league season we started with four craft beers made by
BeerLab brewery: Lager, Gruyt Amber Ale, Hoppy Saison and Red Smoked. Then it came delicious Benefit Black IPA, with Pilzen malt and kilned malt at its best. Now for the springtime we are working on the triple offer: Black IPA, White IPA and Benefit Pils, all made by Faktoria.

Crowdfunding action

In June of 2016, just few weeks before the beginning of the official league season, we ran a crowdfunding campaign. Its aim was to raise funds for sport activities of our both club sections. We made an advertising spot, sent a press release and placed allMINIATURA of this on PolakPotrafi internet platform. We managed to convince almost 400 people to support our idea financially in Poland and collected some 24.000 PLN that secured the idea of the club and covered costs of training grounds for men and ladies’ teams for half a year (August 2016 – December 2016). We have also gained media attention and many new supporters from over 30 cities in Poland and all over the world. The idea of making in the capital of Poland a tolerant and democratic football club from the scratch was starting to come about.

In March 2017 we are launching a second crowdfunding campaign, this time focused also on spreading the Bad Word abroad. All the funds will cover the costs of training grounds for both teams (March 2017 – July 2017), as it is the biggest cost and as a fan-owned club we need to foot the bill.

Flea Market

The meetings integrating club with its fans will never be enough. Therefore, the 21st of February, 2016, we organised BAD Flea Market (ZŁY Pchli Targ). Apart from the purely social nature of the meeting it aimed for a small fundraising in the early days of existence of the club. During this flea market everyone could sell or buy something while drinking our benefit beer and eating. From the most dark abysses in the houses of Football Bad People there were old books, longplays, clothes and other toys and gismos excavated. Apart from the secondhand stuff our club merchandise early products were displayed. The profit was spent on renting a football field for our teams, both being in the process of creation.KSIAZKI

As a sort of continuation, 7/VIII/2016 near Hocki-Klocki club we organised Big Book Bazaar by the River (Książkożerczy kiermasz nad Wisłą). With participation of many publishing houses we prepared an attractive offer for the book lovers or bookworms. Many of very good and Bad books were sold for sleazy cheap prices.

Flying Table of the ZŁY

To seek new members and players for our Association (Alternative Sports Club ZŁY Association) we organised a series of meetings which we called “Zły Stolik” (“BAD Little Table”). The meetings took place in many pubs and clubs of Warsaw. The informal “table” teams, created on 11th of February, 2016, in Plan B music club, were our messengers spreading the Bad News about the creation of such a sports club. In casual atmosphere, frequently with the company of benefit AIPA beer, we were talking with our fans, enrolling them to the Association, and granting them with club T-shirts.

Music concerts

Referring to Polish sport 14053663_1398801153483163_4604980071966761864_oand Olympic tradition (from before WWII), when sport activities where supported by artists, from time to time we organise benefit music concerts. During few months over a dozen music events took place in friendly clubs. Our fans had an opportunity to attend punk, rock, ska, hardcore events as well as listen to hip-hop crews. Quite heavy sounds, however afterparties belonged to the music of our childhood, such as pop and romantic disco. All profits gained from the music parties we have spent on financing our football teams.
The list of the events as follows:


(what?, where?, when?, who was on stage?)

(1)12484755_1056440261062360_4922563126995032218_o ZŁY Śledź (The Herring Party), Znośna Lekkość Bytu, 12/XII/2015, on stage: Heatseeker, Glory Days, Oreiro, 2000DirtyDJ’s.

(2) ZŁY Koncert (Benefit Gig for the Zły), Offside, 23/I/2016, on stage: Urban Therapy, Dead Frank, 2000DirtyDJ’s.
(3) ZŁA Impreza, Chmury, 13/II/2016, on stage: Klipsy Panda, Ciocia Stefa, Killa Familla, DJ Condominium.
(4) ZŁY Koncert, Znośna Lekkość Bytu, 2/IV/2016, on stage: Blitzed, Rana Kłuta, Sue Ryder, Garage 11.
(5) ZŁY Koncert, Offside, 22/IV/2016, on stage: Tiger Skull, Heavy Clouds.

(6) ZŁY Koncert, Hocki-Klocki, 3/VII/2016, on stage: Poison Heart.

(7) ZŁE Urodziny (First Anniversary of Establishing the Club), 26/VIII/2016, on stage: Among Scratches.

(8) ZŁY Koncert, Znośna Lekkość Bytu, 7/X/2016, The Cuffs, Headless Babies, Royal Spirit.14615647_1436735956356349_6749658912402307119_o

(9) ZŁA Integracja (Party for the End of the First Round for Both Teams & Friends), Pogłos, 13/XI/2016, on stage: Slavko DJ Buddha.

(10) ZŁY Śledź, Hydrozagadka, 16/XII/2016, on stage: Criminal Tango, Glory Days, Blitzed, DJ Bigos.

(11) ZŁY Karnawał (Shrove Tuesday Bad Party), Offside, 10/II/2017, on stage: 2000DirtyDJ’s.

Tombola lottery12794728_1120378441326369_3779675314667627124_o

BAD Market was a success, so we decided to repeat it, but in a slightly different manner. Using unsold gismos and mobilising our fans and sponsors for handouts we organised a Tombola lottery. On 20th of March, 2016, we invited everybody to the Offside club, the backwoods and bastion of the people of ZŁY. Thanks to the brilliant emcees that day, Krzysztof and Aleksandra, as well as to the crowded audience, Tombola lottery became a great success. The ticket was for 10 PLN each and every ticket won. Our fans were leaving the club with some literature, comic books, cloths, ceramics and much, much more. The party was amazing, and we earned some money for further development of our club and some new Zły fans.

Events during the league matches

A concert in the rain, silk-screen printing, a big Vietnamese day, an art exhibition of the famous feminist graphic artist, and many more. If you want to know, what are the Zły matches all about – and it’s not only about football, because there are a lot of other attractions, both cultural and gastronomical – then read the season’s first round summary of both teams. And look for the detailed narrratives from these matches respectively.